Your Coffee - Your Brand  + Our Packaging = A Winning Solution!

View our slide show to see how it works:

Single Serve UpShot Filters are made from recyclable polypropylene, which makes them better for the environment than traditional single serve plastic containers.

UpShot Filters are compatible with most brand-name single serve coffee brewers.

We take your beans (we'll even grind them for you) to make the filters. The top is sealed with a clear film.

The filters are then packaged in individual servings that are nitrogen flushed to preserve freshness. We can even custom print the packages for you!

 View the process by clicking here.

The Single Serve Packaging Solution:

  • Send your ground coffee to ABCD.
  • ABCD will package it into 9-12 gram sample filters
  • Zero in on your optimal brew
  • Fresh Seal with thermal imprint or custom graphics
  • We package them into generic or custom printed cartons.

It's that easy! Contact ABCD today to get started:

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